BJ Painting services Customer Feedback

1. I have my house recently painted. It's a small job and I have been turned down by many painters until I called B J Painting Services. They responded to me immediately and arranged a free quote for me within 24 hours. They were a pleasure to deal with and had given same attention to the work even though it is only a small job. I am very satisfied with their job and will definitely call them again for future jobs or recommend to my friends.

Lily Chan, Hornsby NSW

2. I've got someone to paint for my renovated house but it wasn't done properly. I have to get someone to fix and repaint everything, but I was told it is either too difficult to repair or the price is too dear. James was recommened by one of my friends and he quoted me with really good price and my whole house was repainted in two weeks and the job is fantastic.

Janes A McKenzie, Balmain NSW

3. Recently, B J Painting Services has done some exterior painting job for my shop. It is a very old shop with heaps of problems and requires a very good skilled painter. James and Michael have given lots of attention to every single problem and the public safety as well. They have done a really good job and I am happy to have them to do my next painting job in my other shop.

Allen Liu, Surry Hill NSW